I wanted to drop a personal note to you about how professional Georgette was during the interview and scheduling process for the EHS Manager position. Georgette, though, is one of the best recruiters that I have had the privilege of working with during this process or any other job that I have applied for in my past 17 years of working in the EHS realm.  She is very informative, transparent, and keeps a pulse during the whole process. You have a wonderful team member with Georgette.”
~ Brian (Candidate)

“…I would like to share my experience in working with one of your senior recruiters, Georgette Sandifer over the past 3 weeks…When Georgette reached out to me I immediately recognized she was a seasoned professional in the recruitment field. She asked very relevant questions, had a detailed understanding of her client’s needs, and was timely and responsive. I have been semi-actively job seeking for about a year (selectively looking for the right fit, but not in a rush to accept just anything) and have had recent and prepared experience with the recruitment and interview process. Even so, Georgette still provided valuable information, insight, and advice in the areas of my resume, interviewing, and job essay writing (that was a first). I would highly recommend her to both employer and candidate alike. It was a pleasure to work with Georgette, and as a result, my experience with Gallman Consulting was very satisfying.”
~ James N. (Candidate)

“I cannot say enough about Smith Richardson and Gallman Consulting. Mr. Richardson is an excellent judge of character and necessary qualities for the specified positions he oversees, taking minimal information from documented sources (such as job posting sites and personal media sites) and evaluating individuals for placement with exceptional companies. Even with the limited information I provided on my LinkedIn profile, Mr. Richardson was able to speak with me and ascertain skills and qualities that even I did not realize I had. Additionally, he was able to point me in the right direction for a position that I meld well with. Lastly, despite his continuously busy schedule, Mr. Richardson was able to speak with me personally, providing resources and advice on how the interview process works and what my skills will mean to the company which I was a hopeful prospect. Within two weeks, I was able to swiftly interview with the company and obtain a position which provides everything I could hope for. I doubt that I will ever, in my lifetime, be able to show my appreciation to Mr. Richardson for his tenacity and efficiency, as well as his empathy and kindness he represented during an extremely difficult time in my life.”
~ Andrew M. (Candidate)

“I had the pleasure of working with Gallman Consulting on a unique, niche role which was needed in our business. As a manufacturer of engineered products, we had a need for an immensely “skilled trade” position in our production area. Going out to the market ourselves was not yielding us results as this was tantamount to finding a “diamond in the rough” due to market availability – so I engaged with Smith Richardson on finding our person. Smith’s approach was very novel as our recruiting partner needed to embed themselves with passive, “skilled trades” candidates who typically wouldn’t have a large LinkedIn or social media presence, typically do not relocate for positions, or who simply were not currently looking. Smith was able to find us a handful of candidates, and we ultimately hired the best fit for the role through Gallman Consulting. This person is still employed with us, and has made a great impact on our business while also partnering with us on his development path moving forward. Equally rewarding was when Smith able to actually meet the team member face to face while making a visit. I don’t think we could have found this person without Smith, and Gallman Consulting is my “go-to” resource for hard to find, top notch candidates that we cannot source ourselves. In summary, Smith and Gallman Consulting were able to find us someone when we thought filling such a role would be nearly impossible. Thank you to Gallman Consulting and especially to Smith for all of your hard work and long hours spent on this role, it still means very much to us even after all this time!””
~ William B. Elliott, Human Resources Business Partner

“I cannot speak highly enough of the work that Smith did for our firm!!  We are a small group, so a bad hire can do serious damage.  Smith listened to our (lengthy) list of requirements and doggedly pursued candidates in the tightest of job markets.  He communicated with us proactively during the entire process and found a highly qualified individual that fit out company culture to a ‘T’!  I will not hesitate to contract with Gallman Consulting for our future staffing needs.
~ Jennifer Morningstar, Human Resources Business Partner