“…It is, in large part, thanks to Georgette, and her coaching and placement experience that I was able to land this position. I hope you know that I am sincerely grateful for having her on my side. I can not thank her enough for believing in me, for trusting me, and putting her name on the line for me. Georgette truly went the extra mile in matching my background with this position. I will forever remember her thoughtfulness and extra assistance she gave to me during this process. I will always remember Georgette and will highly recommend her to anyone I know. She is a pro in her position.”
Candidate ~ September 6, 2021

“I just wanted to let you know that you have a wonderful employee in Georgette. She recently helped me get hired…She prepared me with interview tips and practiced with me for the interviews. She stayed in constant contact, even after the employer contracted Covid and my interview had to be postponed by a week and a half. I feel like she truly cared about what I was looking for in a job, as well as what the employer was looking for in an employee. I could not have asked for a better experience with GPS.”
Candidate ~ September 2, 2021

“Georgette and I met via LinkedIn, she contacted me on behalf of your clients…From the very moment I spoke with Georgette she was very professional and a pleasure to speak with. Not only that, she was very knowledgeable about the industry, which impressed one of my references she called. Georgette walked me through every step of this process and was always available by phone, no matter the hour. I’ve worked with recruiters before, but I truly believe if Georgette and Gallman Consulting weren’t the ones helping me, I wouldn’t have gotten the position. This has been a long process for the both of us, however I feel this position is the opportunity of a lifetime. It wouldn’t have been possible without Gallman Consulting, and I wanted to personally let you know that and say thank you.”
Candidate ~ July 20, 2021

“Find this email as a short thank you note to Georgette Sandifer for the excellent job of going above and beyond helping me through the process of landing the Assistant Logistics Manager position…It was a great pleasure working with her.
Candidate ~ July 12, 2021

“I wanted to take the time to reach out to praise one of your team members. Georgette got in touch with me about 2 weeks ago regarding a position back home in Alabama. How she knew I was looking to get back to Alabama, I have NO idea. I’m currently residing in Houston. Georgette has been an absolute pleasure to work with and talk to. She speaks with great clarity and provided the most important information and details that lead to two very successful interviews.  Georgette also came across as being thoughtful, funny, charismatic and determined. She made what can be a tedious process rather welcoming. Her approach made me feel comfortable for a process that I have been 26 years removed from due to length at my last employer. She is definitely a shining light in your organization and represents it with the utmost regards. Thank you, and Georgette, for opening this wonderful door of opportunity for me, one that I will work tirelessly to excel and provide a wonderful testimony to your organization’s ability to find great employees.”
Candidate ~ February 19, 2021

“I really appreciate that Georgette, was very positive, helpful and insightful in my quest to find a job. In the future if I or any Friends, coworkers need gainful employment, Georgette will be on the top of the list.”
Candidate ~ December 9, 2020

“My name is Andrew Moore, and I cannot say enough about Smith Richardson and Gallman Consulting. Mr. Richardson is an excellent judge of character and necessary qualities for the specified positions he oversees, taking minimal information from documented sources (such as job posting sites and personal media sites) and evaluating individuals for placement with exceptional companies. Even with the limited information I provided on my LinkedIn profile, Mr. Richardson was able to speak with me and ascertain skills and qualities that even I did not realize I had. Additionally, he was able to point me in the right direction for a position that I meld well with. Lastly, despite his continuously busy schedule, Mr. Richardson was able to speak with me personally, providing resources and advice on how the interview process works and what my skills will mean to the company which I was a hopeful prospect. Within two weeks, I was able to swiftly interview with the company and obtain a position which provides everything I could hope for. I doubt that I will ever, in my lifetime, be able to show my appreciation to Mr. Richardson for his tenacity and efficiency, as well as his empathy and kindness he represented during an extremely difficult time in my life.”
– Andrew Moore (Candidate) ~ November 14, 2020

“Wanted to shoot you a note to let you know how great Georgette was in helping me land with McCrory. My wife is also a recruiter, and I know how hard it is to find good ones! She was very prompt, to the point, responsive and very friendly. I start on Monday and couldn’t be more relieved and thankful.”
– Candidate ~ August 29, 2020

“Georgette, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your hard work, and dedication in helping me to find and secure new employment. Your dedication and professionalism has surpassed any expectation I had by leaps and bounds. If I ever need to find employment in the future I will be contacting you and your office, and I will be recommending you to all and any of my past co workers and future personnel looking to find work. I just can’t thank you enough nor find the words to describe how satisfied I am. If I had to rate you on everything you did You would receive a 10 across the board.”
– Candidate ~ July 27, 2020

“Wanted to reach out to you to rave about Georgette Sandifer. During the interview and hiring process with McCrory Construction, she took the time to make sure that we were a good fit for each other, reviewed the interview process and followed up enthusiastically when an offer was presented. She is a diamond, or in my parlance, a KEEPER! I can not wait until I have the opportunity to finally meet her, as it feels like we are long time friends. She does your company proud!”
– William B. Hamilton, McCrory Construction (Client) ~ June 7, 2020

“I just want to say thank you so much for your help. I truly enjoy the job and the atmosphere there. I’m still learning the ropes but I enjoy my first week. I enjoy the people I work with and they are all team oriented. Thank you so much for helping me re-establish myself and giving me a new lease on life. I am forever grateful. You are truly amazing and if anyone of my fellow veterans ever need help finding gainful employment I will not hesitate to recommend you. Thank you from me and my family.”
– Candidate ~ February 22, 2020

“I just wanted to drop your company and especially Georgette a huge compliment.  I have not had a chance to work with such competent professionals as Georgette and your team.  My future success in the construction industry has been upgraded by your staff and I wanted to again thank everyone involved.  Always available if you need me.”
– Candidate ~ October 22, 2019

“I just wanted to take a minute and sing the praises of Georgette Sandifer.  She just recently helped me get placed in a law firm down in Charleston (I am moving from the Lexington, SC area down to the low country).  It’s hard enough to try and find a new job in the town in which you currently reside, not to mention an entire new location, and she was so nice and helpful and kept me informed the entire process.  It was so nice to have her in my corner as my advocate and I can’t thank her enough.  She was so accommodating when it came to speaking with me and was even able to talk to me after my
regular working hours.  I just wanted you to know she is a wonderful lady and a does a great job in the placement field.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help in the employment arena!  Great job Gallman Personnel!”
– Candidate ~ April 24, 2019

“I wanted to personally let you know of my awesome experience working with Georgette Sandifer.  I had been searching for a new job for 16 months – working with 2 different job recruiters, searching company sites, and uploading my resume to too many sites to list – only to hit brick walls.  I decided out of the blue to call Georgette.  We met a number of years ago through organizations we were both affiliated with.  I knew she worked with manufacturing and construction related companies, but I also knew she had a large network and was going to ask if she heard of opportunities in the management arena…on our first phone call she already of a lead.  Within a few days she got an interview set up and within a few weeks I was hired!  Did I mention that I never got a call from the prior 2 job recruiters.  I look forward to working with GPS in my new role as HR Manager and spreading the word about my experience.
– Candidate ~ April 24, 2019

“I had the pleasure of working with Georgette concerning employment … She made the transition from one employer to the other as smooth as possible.  She kept me informed every step of the way and was very professional while doing so.  It was a delight to work with her.  I will recommend her services to anyone I may know looking for employment.”
– Candidate ~ April 17, 2019

“I had the pleasure of working with Gallman Consulting on a unique, niche role which was needed in our business.  As a manufacturer of engineered products, we had a need for an immensely “skilled trade” position in our production area.  Going out to the market ourselves was not yielding us results as this was tantamount to finding a “diamond in the rough” due to market availability – so I engaged with Smith Richardson on finding our person. Smith’s approach was very novel as our recruiting partner needed to embed themselves with passive, “skilled trades” candidates who typically wouldn’t have a large LinkedIn or social media presence, typically do not relocate for positions, or who simply were not currently looking.  Smith was able to find us a handful of candidates, and we ultimately hired the best fit for the role through Gallman Consulting.  This person is still employed with us, and has made a great impact on our business while also partnering with us on his development path moving forward.  Equally rewarding was when Smith was able to actually meet the team member face to face while making a visit.  I don’t think we could have found this person without Smith, and Gallman Consulting is my “go-to” resource for hard to find, top notch candidates that we cannot source ourselves.  In summary, Smith and Gallman Consulting were able to find us someone when we thought filling such a role would be nearly impossible.  Thank you to Gallman Consulting and especially to Smith for all of your hard work and long hours spent on this role, it still means very much to us even after all this time!”
– William B. Elliott, SPHR, Human Resources Business Partner (client) ~ March 20, 2019

“I cannot speak highly enough of the work that Smith did for our firm!!  We are a small group, so a bad hire can do serious damage.  Smith listened to our (lengthy) list of requirements and doggedly pursued candidates in the tightest of job markets.  He communicated with us proactively during the entire process and found a highly qualified individual that fit our company culture to a ‘T’!  I will not hesitate to contract with Gallman Consulting for our future staffing needs.”
– Jennifer Morningstar, P.E., CFEI, President & Senior Consulting Engineer, The Warren Group, Inc. (client) ~ March 5, 2019

“I would like to just let you know that Georgette has been doing a terrific job working with me.  We have been in touch since last October and she has been very supportive in getting things set up.  I was sent to one plant visit originating with her referral, however did not work out.  She is still working with me and just contacted me concerning a position available through a network, which they are submitting me for.  I have been in the Maintenance and Engineering Field for a very long time, the positions of supervisor and manager usually involve so much that it’s easy for companies to find one thing that they think you can’t do so they move on.  Georgette is being as persistent as I need to be myself in looking for employment.  Just being referred and considered keeps my hopes up.”
– Candidate ~ January 18, 2019

After a diligent 7 month search on my own following a reduction of force by my former employer, I found myself at a very serious crossroads without any potential job offers and more important, no hope.  As fate would intervene, I was recommended to make contact with your firm in order to open up several possibilities within my career field that truly matched my skill set.  Specifically, I called Georgette Sandifer and immediately, she took charge of desperate situation and created a plan of action.  She allowed me to complete a detailed survey that emphasized my strengths and addressed weaknesses while improving my interview skills.  She provided several opportunities with prospective employers…  After 2 interviews and some negotiating by Georgette on my behalf, I accepted an offer in Blythewood, S.C.  Since that time, Georgette has actively assisted some of my friends who have also been engaged in career changes and they too have been well pleased with her efforts.  In short, I cannot thank Georgette enough for her diligent efforts and following through on her commitment to my success.  As I continue to grow in my new career, I will not forget the professionalism and kindness shown by Georgette.  Please know that I am truly satisfied as a member of the Gallman family of successful clients and will continue to recommend Georgette to all in need of career placement.”
– Scott Sanders (candidate) ~ September 13, 2017

“I have been working with Georgette for the past month on a position and wanted to provide some feedback.  Georgette has been very attentive and responsive by both phone and email keeping me up to date throughout the whole process.  From resume submission to providing interview tips and taking the time to review, through job offer I could not been more pleased.  I always believe when someone does a fantastic job, it should be recognized.”
– Tony (candidate) ~ September 10, 2017

Smith, I just wanted to thank you and toot your horn a little!  Hansel, Roy and Deke interviewed all three candidates this week and have all told me you did an EXCELLENT job in your selection.  You make it look easy though we know from experience it is not!  A big thank you to the group.”
– Sherri Davis, Vice President of Operations and Compliance, Palmetto Health Credit Union  (client)

“I wanted to express my deep appreciation for the professional, personal, and successful assistance I received from Georgette Sandifer.  She was very effective in assisting me secure a new job…She supported and guided me through every step of the process.  I won’t hesitate to recommend Gallman Consulting to any of my colleagues seeking employment.”
– Larry Longo (candidate)

“I am reaching out to you to express my amazing experience I have had thus far with Ms. Georgette Sandifer.  I have had to thank her every time we have spoken due to her first and foremost professionalism that is accompanied with a sincere kindness that is hard to find these days.  She is very clear and straightforward no matter what you ask her and it is very refreshing.  She has given great guidance and has been an amazing active listener throughout our interactions to ensure she presents me as well as her clients as best as possible.  Honestly, I have only pros regarding her level of service she has given as well as an A+ attitude whether first thing in the morning, mid-day, or end of day.  She has been a pleasure to interact with and I fell very lucky to have her as an advocate for me in my career search.”
– Melanie S. Harris  (candidate)

“I think you should know the kind of service I have received from Georgette.  In my 32 year career I have never had the pleasure of working with anyone better from day one of her contacting me within 5 minutes of submitting my resume, to helping me prepare for my interview, to following up to so much!!!!  I have never been so prepared for an interview in my life!!!!  In the past I have felt like even the job searching with a recruiter I had to stay on top of things, not with her!!!!  She is truly a valuable asset to your company!!!!!  Please pass on to her that she is incredible in what she does!!!!  Thanks in advance for your company’s assistance in finding me my job!!!!”
– Chuck Bentley  (candidate)

“Just a short note to express my satisfaction with Georgette Sandifer’s professionalism and handling of my recent placement…Georgette’s handling and communication with the company provided quick feedback thereby reducing the dreaded “stage wait” stress.  Her interview pointers were good reminders for all regardless of age and experience level.  Please express my thanks for a job well done.”
Karl Yoas, Sr. Program Manager  (candidate)

“Georgette is a real go-getter and has been instrumental to our organization when companies we recruit need to fully understand the labor market in the Columbia area.  She displays a very pleasant, helpful attitude at all times.  Her keen ability to pick up on verbal and non-verbal cues when interacting with prospects really sets her apart.  Georgette is a pleasure to work with, and it is most reassuring to know that when I need her to help me, she is always there and ready to assist!!”
– Stephen Roddey, Project Manager, Central SC Alliance  (business partner)

“Georgette was an integral part in staffing the Metso Minerals plant in Columbia, SC.  She was the main recruiting tool that we used while creating the operation in Columbia.  The candidates were of the highest quality and she was willing to go that extra mile to get us the best candidates available.  I do not know what we would have done if we had not had Georgette’s partnership in getting this plant going.  She was not only an expert in her field, she was a joy to work with and that was commented on by the entire management staff at Metso.  I cannot say what a great person and business associate she is.”
– Jan Dominick, SPHR Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity  (client)