At Gallman Consulting, we emphasize and value relationships, specifically the relationships that we build and cultivate with our clients and candidates. When a company becomes a client of ours, we take the pro-active steps necessary to build a solid business relationship with that company. That involves knowing and understanding everything we can about the company, its employees, its culture, the way in which it prefers to conduct business, etc.

We don’t view our clients as “just clients”—we view them as partners in the search and placement process. We want our clients to hire the best so that they can be the best and continue to attract the best candidates available.

Gallman Consulting works on behalf of our client companies to search for and recruit highly talented professionals for their staffing needs. We work with each client to secure candidates who are not only technically and professionally qualified but are also a cultural fit for the working environment.

We work to develop a partnership with our clients – striving to understand the company, its personality and needs, long term plans and focus. We know that searching for the right person to enter an organization is difficult and time consuming and can divert your staff from your business. Our business is recruiting. We handle the increasingly difficult task of recruiting top-notch talent in a difficult market. Our recruiting technology and resources allow us access to qualified candidates to meet your staffing needs.

We work with each client individually to assist with your unique direct placement and contract/consulting staffing needs.

Feel free to contact us regarding our fee structure.