10 Ways To Tell You’re Ready For Management

You Know Your Job Like the Back of Your Hand

  • You’ve done your job for several years.
  • You know the goals and challenges of the job.
  • You understand the factors that made you successful.

You’ve Acted as a Leader

  • You’ve taken the lead on projects.
  • You’ve helped teammates through challenges.
  • You’ve helped improve processes or procedures.

You Like Helping Other People Succeed

  • You enjoy advocating for the success of others.
  • You have no problem keeping the spotlight shining on those who deserve it.
  • You have strong coaching abilities.

You Lead By Example

  • You demonstrate the behaviors and attitudes you want to see in others.
  • You do the right thing, even when it’s difficult.
  • You walk the walk; you don’t just talk the talk.

You’re Comfortable Letting Go

  • You are ok with someone else handling your current daily responsibilities.
  • You know you don’t need to own or control every detail of every project.
  • You have faith that any team you lead has the talent to be successful.

You Understand Being a Good Manager is Different From Being a Good Employee

  • You know how to say no.
  • You can make decisions swiftly.
  • You can own up to mistakes.

You’re OK With Not Always Being Liked

  • You know that if someone is upset with you, it doesn’t mean they don’t respect you.
  • You’re comfortable not being personal friends with your reports.
  • You have the ability to tell people the truth, even if it’s not always what they want to hear.

You Are a Strong Communicator

  • You are comfortable and capable of setting clear expectations.
  • You are prepared to give ongoing positive (and constructive) feedback.
  • You listen well and are open to the ideas of others.

You Are Known for Being Reliable

  • You have a reputation for getting things done on time.
  • Other people turn to you for help/ideas/answers.
  • You’ve established yourself as a problem-solver.

 You Genuinely Want the Responsibility

  • You’re taking the step because you feel ready, not because you have seniority.
  • You understand how things will change for you in your professional life.
  • You’re ready to shoulder the successes and failures of your team.

Management Wisdom

Management Wisdom

“If you think someone is smart, you’ll treat them as smart. If you think someone is a horrible person, you’ll treat them accordingly, and when they react like any other person would when being treated unfairly, you nod with confidence in your ability to predict people’s character.”

To get the most from your employees, help them create workplace identities that elevate them and create positive performance expectations that maximize their potential.

Source: http://www.helpscout.net/blog/