The Great American Shakeout

It is almost that time again! Gallman Consulting will be participating in “The Great American Shakeout” on Thursday October 20st at 10:20am!

Our staff will take a minute on Thursday to identify items in our offices that could become “falling objects” during an earthquake, once identified, they will determine if there is a way to reduce the risk of the falling object to be a hazard during an earthquake. A real earthquake event is not a planned event, so our staff will practice taking cover at 10:20am tomorrow whether in their office, visiting another location, in another office within their branch, if they were driving down the road, at home or even out shopping.

Earthquakes can range from a small unnoticeable event to a catastrophic life changing event. This drill may seem unnecessary now but one day it may help prevent someone from experiencing a catastrophic life changing injury.