Celebrate Donna Byrd Today!

Celebrate Donna Byrd Today!

Celebrate Donna Byrd Today!  Please join Gallman Consulting and GPS in wishing a very Happy Birthday to a wonderful and inspiring colleague!  Faith, union and patience are the secrets of progress…remain firm on these golden principles throughout your life.  Happy Birthday Donna!

Photo Donna

Let’s all celebrate Donna!

Donna is a Director of Placement at Gallman Consulting. 


4 responses to “Celebrate Donna Byrd Today!”

  1. Nanci says:

    Happy Birthday Donna! Hope it is a fabulous day!

  2. Barbara Greene says:

    Happy Birthday!

  3. MJ Sorrell says:

    Happy Birthday Donna!

  4. Gallman Consulting says:

    Wishing you a “birth” day as wonderful as you are! 🙂 Happy Birthday Donna!

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